Video editing is hard

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Video is a compelling tool to communicate. Seeing and hearing allows one to send a message through a medium unlike any other medium. So recently, I decided it would be really cool to start producing some videos for our scouting group.

It’s not just videos, communication is hard

We have put a bit of focus this year in our scouting group, on trying to show the parents that send their kids to the scouts a bit more behind the curtains. Basically, trying to spotlight the many hours of volunteer work that is performed by the people at the scouting group and attempt to highlight their efforts.

We have done pictures on social media. We have also revived our association’s newspaper that we send out to everyone. And now we are also trying to do some videos and highlight this. But as I figured out, everything is a bit harder about video than thought.

Filming videos is easier, still hard

Really, the first thing I noticed is that it’s challenging to appear in front of a camera. Somehow I always felt a bit of being watched (which seems rather reasonable, after all I was watched) but still, it was weird. Furthermore, getting people in front of the camera felt more complicated than possible, but we somehow managed.

But the hardest part, I notice, is cutting it altogether after filming a bunch of stuff, without really having a plan. Not only not having a plan on how to cut it (after all, that can’t be that hard) but also filming it without having any useful plan. So basically, just winging it, either way.

Let’s hope the result is relatively acceptable, but as always, live is a work in progress, and I’m sure I’ll figure it out somehow.

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